(image Birthday Treat copyright (c) CyberGabi)

Luna, dance with me tonight!
Fill my heart with your delight
on the edge of a shining life,
courting trouble! Warring! Strife!
Forget, for now, o Solaris’ wife,
and dance with me on the edge of the knife!
His brightness, your constant blight!
You shimmer now, for me, so bright!

Solaris, in his light, tumescent.
You, Luna, sheer luminescence.
Allowed tonight, on his total whim,
you’re filled right up, up to the brim.
We dance tonight – on light we skim!
Our chance for love, as ever, slim.
For Solaris’ rage, his envy, ever present,
but you, my love, are incandescent!

(c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved

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