There was once a mad poet called d.a.v.e.
whose hair was curled up like a wave
but the abundance of bleach
had something to teach
and bald d.a.v.e. was left in a haze

Once in the city of London
d.a.v.e. asked what had the gun done
with a pull of the trigger
and nary a snigger
all watched as d.a.v.e.’s life came undone

On Oxford Street buying pretty shoes
d.a.v.e. came down with the blues
so they called on Jimmy Choo
to lift d.a.v.e.’s mood blue
and it was an offer he couldn’t refuse

Pondering since time immemorial
on the existence of Guinea Equatorial
d.a.v.e. had to confess in
this geography lesson
that he needed another tutorial

They said that loving would never be easy
and that it might in fact be very cheesy
but not eating all this cheese
in my efforts to please
has only made me come over all quesy

Never knowing how to conjugate
in the third person singular he will terminate
all the verbs in esses
oh how he distresses
whenever he starts to fulminate

(c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved

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