Dilly-dally, little Sally!
Dance to my verbal game.
Jig-a-jigjig – a little doolally –
never a word the same!

Does the jingler jingle?
Will the warbler warble?
Shall the linguist lingle –
and show off his delightful bauble?

Flirting with the past conditional,
making assumptions on time provisional.
Lingual rhythms cans be so divisional
from a poet who’s not quite as professional!

Learning how to conjugate –
we start with I, You, He, She, and It –
telling these words how to terminate
makes our little poem such a candidate!

Clap a hand rap, Sally, dear,
sing a silly song of sillyness,
with a tongue tap
of words to bring a long, dear

To whit, to whoo, fit a shoe
and squander your time in wonder
at the oddity of odd words like Karoo
and of being blonder than blonder!

Carrumptious digs in a frabjous place
and oddstacks on the road there
bring a smile to his face
when you, Sally dear, are to be found there!

(written for Quinn & Griffin Weideman)

(c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved


  1. Cool, but now you’ll need to read it to them… I would need to drink a lot to be able to twist my tongue like that. It is not as long as yours you know! 😛

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