Swirling malice, thunderheads –
darkness gathers in clouds above me
good intentions courting malcontent –
a vortex covers up as evil treads.

Tumbling through my fortress’d soul
hatred takes up my heart, my head
thoughts of word and deed take flight
and abject terror fills up the hole.

Falling through my hateful deeds
– a history of crimes and lies
smothers me in wretchedness
and draws from me the evil seeds.

Dancing in good Lucifer’s light
the seeds take hold my dying soul,
and wrench from that pathetic beast
compassion and love with all their might.

Dazed now, and growing cold,
this awful wreck turns to fall
and withers as the darkness grows
I can’t fight back – I’m growing old.

Consciousness is fading fast
and with it fades my conscience too.
Too weak to care, and bleeding out
my self-made hell will forever last.

Gasping for my final breath
I long now for alternity –
a time, a place, of solitude
that can take me from my violent death.

A place where sorrow
asked to stand it’s ground
finds happiness and is content
to let me see one more tomorrow.

Tomorrow, a place of new beginnings
and promises I try to keep,
of love to hold onto
and save me from my mortal sinnings.

Tomorrow comes and brings anew –
hope, that this time will differ,
that hope for me will at last deliver
all the things I promised you.

You, who stands in constant light
and surrounds yourself with all my shame,
gives not pause to pity
and wakes in me the strength to fight.

The fight to gain, at last, control –
to ward off my evil self
and walk forever in the light
that shines from within my soul.

Chased now, from all that doubt
that darkness comes as it is called
to dole out it’s awful treasure –
for that decree, hear my shout!

NO! It’s not time yet
the creature that now lies within
is one I must keep free from sin –
one new seed, is all I get.

(c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved

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