Falling Into Nothing

(image ‘HIB‘ (c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved)

“I’m falling into nothing
adrift inside myself
and fade away”

Lyrics that call me to myself
and question me, today.
Are these words words to live by?
Or are these thoughts by which I die?

Time’s come and time’s moved on
Thirty-two years have passed
and taken with them
a million days
and even more.

Love’s game has gone away
and fading life flickers
far behind these eyes
as I turn to gaze at you
and find you’ve gone away too.

The mountain, climbed
is pressing down behind me
and once I walk on down
all that’s left will rot and die.

I’ve chosen to walk alone
because in life we are but that,
and loneliness and solitude
are intertwined, forever, always,
like the lovers we’ve wished for.

(c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved

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