Terse Verse – More Than A Couple Of Couplets!

1. Nash’s Menu, Set 1.
Is ghoulish!

2. A Dirty Racket!
The ball’s in your court
– make sure the racquet strings are taut!

3. The Awfull Truth!
Are you trying to diet,
or dying to try it?

4. Rime Thyme
Nothing rhymes with orange
not even lozenge.

5. Merry Terry
Joke from Pratchett
– did you ever catch it?

6. Aspire to Expire
follows the last breath

7. Ball Games
Team suicide
is now two-a-side

8. Thought and deed
Wandering star
– what have you wondered so far?

9. Death Mask
If you die when you’re Jewish
do you turn kinda blue-ish?

10. Saladaze
I’d like some good food
to put me in the mood.

(c) Dave Luis – All Rights Reserved

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