Doorways call to me and beg
That I pass this way and that,
And that this way I pass
Is passage back
To myself and away
From me.

From here to then
From then to there
A place, a time, when
I’d not a care
And life’s hope filled me
To the brim.

A doorway to Hades
Has since been cracked
Opened to my soul’s every last whim
And dark has filled the light within
Now shadows call this place their home

Doorways are always the beginning
Of the madness and the insanity
That rule my destiny absolute
But these doorways, are they the end?

A way to go, a means to leave
This world behind, and finally be free.
Are doorways offering, so sweet and pure,
This exit, and my final end.

(c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved

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