longing & solitude

I’ve come this far,
so far, to come and see,
and seeing as I’ve seen it all,
I knew this was the place for me.
London’s love for me is great
but not as great as mine for it
and yet such longing I feel
for a place a world away.
A place where sky and sea are met
by a Mountain closely hugged by cloth.
A place of spirit, and solitude, I’ll bet
you know the place I speak of.
Where Twelve Apostles bask in sun
and wind powders their ancient face
with glorious colours under the Noon Day Gun
and the Lion’s Head is your constant signal.
London is home – it has to be.
But Cape Town’s charms now call to me
to wrest me from winter’s stab
and solitude’s cruel love.
So it is I will set sail
on Virgin’s wings to my other home.
I must get there – I cannot fail!
To find Lynn, and home.
(c) Dave Luis 2007 – All Rights Reserved

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