Tears In Winter

Left out in the dark.
Tried my best and come this far.
So cold in London’s winter
I’m growing old alone.

Tears stream down my face
without someone to dry them.
I face this dark alone
every time, every day.

If I go, I lose
but I win if I chose so.
So would I go, if you’re not there?
But there’s no you…

Bittersweet, I stand here
in solitude and darkness,
once again, my only friends,
and my constant fate.

Teardrops fall to mark the end
I cannot change that now.
Sympathies die in the throat
and resignation takes hold.

Tides have turned
and time’s been called.
I’m homeward-bound
and the end is now.

(c) Dave Luis 2007 – All Rights Reserved

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