I am walking through these cold grey streets

Echoes of footsteps following me

Dancing steps tripping to lively beats

In London’s lonely soliloquy.

Solitude and my introspection

Are nurtured by the gathering dark.

I’m seeking the longed for connection

On the street, grey, cold, lonely and stark.

Footsteps gather close and draw away.

Not my echoes, nor of one I love.

What a sad day to feel this sad way.

Winter’s chill gloom sinks down from above.

A winter not just of the city

But a fierce pall of my once-light heart

Londontown you were once so pretty

But in this shade we agree to part.

I beg that time will heal your old wounds

And my new ones will by time be soothed

Find forgiveness in your desolate rooms

Filled by lonely souls, their glow removed.

Come, welcome spring, and hope’s urgent blooms

Vivid buds lie in the city’s heart

And in the hearts of love’s many grooms

Let depression’s loneliness depart.

Lift the spirit of men who like me

Have grown cold and long since felt the bliss

Of new love and loves vitality

Join them now for loves beautiful kiss.

Let their footsteps echo each-others

As they dance through Regent’s Park, smitten,

Echoes of love fill London’s boroughs

On alley walls let love be written.

Come summer and passion’s untamed heat

Love’s lust will sweep down the turbid Thames

Being with you, London, I feel replete

Basking now in hot love’s selfish gems.

(c) Dave Luis 2007 – All Rights Reserved

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