living time

remember those times

wrote our names in all these lines

all those years

all those tears

have come and gone

come and gone

come to watch us be gone

and still you stand here

and ask for more

you ask for more

can’t give you more

its time for you and time for me

to write our names

not playing games

write our names

fight our names

in the sands of time

sweep it all away

sweep it all away

make it go away

please make it go away

I don’t wanna play no more

can’t you see what’s happening



to me can’t you see it’s happening


darkness comes

and darkness goes

and darkness comes to fill the holes

comes to fill the holes

comes to fill the holes

fill the holes

the holes

deep down in our souls

darkness sweeps in to cover our souls

cover our souls

cover all of our souls

darkness creeps in through all the holes

won’t you let me be

won’t you let me be

won’t you won’t you

let me be alone

all on my own

face this on my own

do it on my own

want it for my soul

to be all alone

in a place of darkness yes

without light to light this mess

that I made for you made for me

watching you make it for you too

do it to me too

here on our own

we find there’s no one else

no one else takes us through these hells

leaves us empty shells

that nothing quells

the final bells

take us to these hells

that we made ourselves

now I’m alone

standing here by your side

now you’re alone

crying here by my side

nothing left to hide

you’re cut deep inside

wish we’d died

‘fore we took this ride

for we took this ride

made us mad inside

left the shell outside

brought the hell inside

your broken mind

my broken mind

kills like cyanide

left me alone inside

to kill you too

won’t you kill me too

nothing else to do

don’t you want that too

want it for you, too

waiting for me to

kill us both inside

it’s time we died

so we can start to live

start to live

to live

(c) Dave Luis 2009. All Rights Reserved

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