Being Human

Humanity. To be human.

What is it to be human?
To feel warm sunlight caress your skin?
To fall headlong in love?
To see, taste, touch, smell – FEEL the world?
And know your place in it?
To feel secure, to be safe – from harm.
To grow and learn and teach and care,
and then, as age bears down
with sentimental warmth to embrace
you in the sleep of death?
No. No – to be human is to kill.
To steal and lie and rape – and kill.
To maim and rob and violate!
To slaughter and to desecrate!
To take and burn and thieve and kill.
To hurt and twist and scar and kill.
To stain and sully and vitiate!
To corrupt and to debilitate!
To cripple and cheat and ruin and kill.
To despoil and beat and shame and kill.
To wound and injure and mutilate.
To disfigure and to lacerate.
THIS is humanity – this is the man,
who says, with a grin:

(c) Dave Luis 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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