Dr Seuss and Mr Hyde Commit A Jolly Suicide!

I loved my job. It was like play.

I liked my life – it was so gay!

I loved them both – more – each day!

But life likes change. That’s here to stay.

The more I try, “Too hard!” I cry

Each day is night, each night is hell

And so my soul dries up as well.

The end is nigh! It’s time to die.

But how? And now?

If not, then when does this story end?

For if the pills all fail to mend,

Will they at least my oblivion send?

Ten pills, twenty – more!

Bring chills – plenty – for

I do not want to play no more!

I want to lay down, dead, upon the floor!

I cannot breathe. I cannot see

The light – the way that they all ease

The hardships that life brings to seethe

And draw all will to live from me.

Will this knife cut? Will that knife cut?

Can this life be cut if that knife won’t cut?

Perhaps a gas – a happy cloud

Of heavy dreams, and deadly drowse!

No, it’s not the way, that’s only play

But I have to end this pain today!

A million little coloured pills

Will make the world go away.

Forever. I pray.

© Dave Luis 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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