Dumelang! Er…possibly…

Be pro-active!” That’s habit one, of seven, of those annoying people referred to by Covey as “highly effective”.

Hey – I’m highly effective, too – you should just see the effects my addiction has had on my finances, my family, my mind…not ONE emerged unscathed! How do you rate them appples, Mr. Covey? What – bad ones? Ah, come now – don’t be such a negative ninney! It’s ALL UP from here, wot!

But pro-active is what I have been, because dammit, this healing thing is serious business – I’ve messed around for far too long! As an avid blogger, writer and inadvertent Gonzo journalist, I’ve sought out ways to make my passion for writing a more serious thing, and – if my first few pieces pass muster with the editor, I’ll be penning a (ok…typing…) a column for the local online newsportal.

More about that, as it happens!

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