Today has been a good day, a great day. But the news from overseas has not been so great: my sister could not do her final chemotherapy session bcause her white blood cell count is too low, there is too much risk the treatment will kill her. It’s moments like this my selfishness cuts deepest, stings the most. Lynn, don’t you dare give up, you have fought so bravely, and made it so far – just remember what Dorey said: “JUST KEEP SWIMMING!” So I am channelling all the good, that has come my way today, all the support, all the love, to you – I need it, but you need it more, because the world needs you more: PLEASE HEAL – because I need you more, me – I need you, in my life, and I am sorry for all this shit I caused, when you needed me, when the cancer struck. Please, please live so that I can have a chance to be there for you!

This one is dedicated to you, my angel sister. I love you, and I miss you, all the way over in Dubai – get better, come home!

© 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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