Goodbye Cris.

I tried to make place in my life for you. I started to heal for you. I wanted to be someone you wanted to be friends with. I accepted responsibility, moved away, moved back to basics, moved on.

I took accountability, took my time, took the damage  – as much as a I could – away from you. I took a hard look. Then I took a chance…

I loved you. I still do. Always will.

I cried for you, I’m trying for you – but I won’t die for you.

You blame me, accuse me, use me and destroy me. I let you, by destroying myself.

You want nothing more from me, except my money, and my silence. You may have one; you are no longer entitled to the other. You cannot select your freedom, and choose the chains that are less painful. 

Goodbye, Cris, you will always be my beautiful stranger, and I hope in some distant future, when the music is pouring on the floor, and the notes are everywhere, you think back on the good things we share, and the carnage will be less.

I give you back your life, your peace, and your future – walk on, Cris, into your new future, and smile, breathe, and live. 

© 2012 All Rights Reserved.

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