Here now us we me you
Feel feel emote touch confess am be are you am I we me is am I what stop breathe
It’s that time, when all reality hits and the silence you think couldn’t dominate you… competes.
So many times I’ve been here… and yet; life still competes…. Who will win? The Devil? God? Hell? Me?
Two lines of what because I hope you’re talking about I’m talking about
One more line  – am I going to go to jail?
Two lines – if a banana was a guava what kind of guava would it be?
What line did I give you?
The cosmic birth of self it the potential of our capabilitites.
Breath truth, breath lie, alchamize both manifest potential  to  become truth
This is the journey is here the journey is now make of it what you will, your will is ultimtate, truth is will.
To be then is to be and fuck the rest….. why deny what instincts take the toll of life.. to breath is to live but deny the life that we live is to be free from the carnal urges that drive us beyond what takes forward … lie back look up and watch the weather change… clouds roll thunder crashes touch the earth and taste the sky… breath deep and relax
Love what cant be loved and deny the lies that set you free hate the pain and love the hurt… it will set you free beyond what takes you away…
© 2012. All Rights Reserved. (free verse poetry by Dave, Mike, Nikita, Devan, Les, Michael)

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