Just Keep Swimming

I feel a little odd, writing a blog about beyond the fix, when I am still writing a blog about the fix too. But the thing is that you rarely get a time-out to do your healing, and then simply pick up where you left off, back in every-day life.

Life won’t wait, and I don’t have the money to disengage with life, in order to heal.

Besides, surely a big part of the healing is the engaging in daily life, from a more honest perspective? My trouble, as a good Piscean boy, is that I get too lost in Alternity, I spend most of my days with my head in the clouds, and so it was always very easy for me to be an addict, and portray myself as clean, normal, not a drug user, and certainly not an addict.

Whereas before I was living two separate lives, or rather, I was living a life, separated, and living a lie, elsewhere. These two blogs, ‘healing.me’ and ‘beyond the fix’ are one and the same, they talk of one life, one healing and one healed life.

The healing has happened, and I have picked up the pieces and moved on. But the healing continues, as I write my book and discover who I am, and who my parents were, and who my family is.

It’s an old cliche, that life is a journey and we must enjoy the ride, and I can truly and honestly say now, that I am enjoying the journey, and even when I have bad days, like last Monday, and like today, in truth they are not bad days, there are just unpleasant moments in them, and these are not in the majority, they are out-shone by the good I feel, and the good that I do, and the healing that has happened and that is happening, every day. EVERY day!

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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