Facebook Status Updates For The Year 2017

Jan.01/2017: This year marks a decade on Facebook. I wonder if all my status updates for the last 3652.5 days were zipped together, would anyone surf the cloud to read them as an e-book? Hmm…I wonder! Happy New Year, everyone!

Feb.13/2017: All those years spent working in restaurants on Valentine’s Day – no more! Tomorrow, my love and I retreat to the privacy of of our home and each other.

Feb.29/2017: Silver lining for all those mega earthquakes since the turn of the century? All the February 29 babies now get a birthday every year, thanks to the orbit being out of whack and lengthening the year by 0.72 days! Mazeltov!

Mar.04/2017: / Happy Birthday Mo! We celebrate 5 years’ sobriety this year! Big, up, bud!

Mar.15/2017: ‘Beware the Idahs!’ – my show opens tonight at On Broadway’s new Robben Island venue – butterflies? Terror-dactyls!

Mar.16/2017: Humbled by the roaring success of opening night – thanks all who visited!

Mar.19/2017: 43 years old today! Thanks for the awesome breakfast treat, my love!

Apr.01/2017: Happy Birthday Bob! Hope your brood is spoiling you!

Apr. 11/2017: Are you shitting me with that fuel price???

Apr.17/2017: Officially 5 years clean today! Well done, me!

May13/2017: Happy Birthday, Joe!

May16/2017: Decided to donate the old petrol clunker to the Car Museum in Uitenhage. We just need the one run-about, and the fusion hybrid doesn’t cost anywhere near as like as much to run!

Jun.02/2017: Second night of a full house + standing ovations! Crowd rocks!

Jun.06/2017: Dinner with Helen & Co. Self-indulgence par excellence bar none!

Jul.28/2017: Cannot believe Facebook went down for over 8 weeks! I’m gonna get me some shares, now the price has plummeted!

Aug.01/2017: Exhaustion! Shit! How do these actors do shows every night, for years? I’ve been running just over 5 months and I feel tired in my soul, bones, body – everywhere!

Aug.05/2017: Was asleep in the car on the way home. I can’t keep this pace up.

Aug.18/2017: Happy Birthday Boetie!

Aug.24/2017: R45 a litre! SO SO SO glad we got rid of the petrol car! AND we hit 1400km with the fusion on just ONE charge! We made the right decision.

Sept.01/2017: Hallo hayfever! AND hallo Chris! Mr. Killerby has agreed to take over the lead in the show,  for a while. So excited!

Sept.04/2017: CK, looking as young as ever (what’s your secret!?) Happy Happy Birthday!

Sept.05/2017: Chris arrives today, next few days crazy!

Sept.07/2017: Happy Birthday Sister! (We’ll keep your age a secret, eh?)

Sept.21/2017:  Gabrielle gradates today! Our second doctor in the family! So proud – even though we all know it’s ME who is the real brains of this family! (hehehe kidding!)

Oct.02/2017:  Chris’ first night on stage – met with a huge standing ovation! Break two legs, is what I should have said!

Oct.30/2017: Meh! Bloody doctors! No more sugar? Never!

Nov.03/2017: Painful NA session last night. Just keep swimming!

Nov.05/2017: Off on recuperative holiday, and I’ve been told to leave all connectivity behind! Aaack! See you in 4 weeks!

Dec.10/2017: Back! What an epic roadtrip – we travelled over 5,000km, using only 3 charges on the car! Stunning holiday, so in love with our country!

Dec. 25/2017: Mazeltov!

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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