The Gravity of The Situation

If you could halt time and the change in position, nullifying the change in direction simultaneously, then, for a timeless void where change in position and direction are irrelevant, all values are equal, and equally invalid, and through this shared diffusion of definition, are interchangeable. You could age, by going over there, and reduce your mass by coming back. You could add tomorrow to your mass and go faster as a result, arriving at gravity before you left. Er…I think…

These are the kinds of thoughts I have when I am locked inside my own head, sober, for prolonged periods, watching sciency shows.

One this evening was particularly affective, in that it caught my attention, no, my imagination as it declamed that predicting the actions / motion of asteroids within the asteroid belt was nigh on impossible, and that the mathematics of any three planetary bodies interacting on each other are beyond the realm of ordinary thinkers.

I love stuff like that because it sets up a brilliant thought experiment scenario for you, and scopes out desired outcome, without actually instructing you to the paradigm it wants defined. Here we have the unspoken challenge to engage the grey cells and consider the complexity of the equations that predict the motion and location of three or more planetary bodies; of the relative motion, velocity, distance, gravitational influence, speed, point in space, change in direction and change in time and position of each, as a result of their mass and proximity to each other.

Sneaky, that. Because that’s exactly what I did. Nope, I’m not blowing my own trumpet, and declaring myself a brilliant mathematician (though I could be, you know – the mathematician, that is, as we all know I am already a horn-blower!) – I don’t know the maths and wouldn’t know how to start comprehending it, anyway.

So that was the first paradigm shift, the first hurdle – if the scientists who knew how this stuff works admit to not knowing how the numbers go, then, technically I know as much as they do, and with that confidence in mind, the task is less Herculean and more manageable.

I know words, and their meanings, and the meanings of their compounds, so thinking this spheroid out is simple: imagine a great big ball – a hollow ball – that is our solar system. Picture the planets as tennis balls floating around inside – each time they come close to each other, there is something like a magnet inside each, which pulls each tennis ball closer to every other tennis ball it comes close to. Some tennis balls are bigger than others, some far smaller. The bigger the ball, the stronger the magnet inside it. Think of the magnetic field of the ball’s magnet as a glow: the stronger the magnet the brighter the glow, and the further out from the tennis ball the glow reaches to.

Now, imagine the equation that describes the path the ball travels. That equation is written on a long, thin piece of paper, attached to a wire sticking out the top of the tennis ball. There are other equations, describing the gravity (or the glow) of the magnet, the mass the tennis ball has is decribed on yet another long, thin piece of paper. All the equations that describe each tennis ball are streaming out behind them as they float on circular paths around the inside of this giant, hollow ball.

Now, as any one aspect, any one characteristic changes, be it a second in time, or a change in position, or a change in direction, or the increase or decrease in mass as gravities specific to each ball interact with each other as they pass within range of each other – whatever – each time any one charcteristic changes, ALL those pieces of paper fall off, and are immediately replaced by new ones, which describe the tenids ball as it is right now at that instant.

Now, if time didn’t change, you could say what you liked about each ball, because by definition, only when one characteristic changes, can a new definition be affixed. Conversely, if one aspect is removed from the experience, such as time, all other characteristics have no meaning, because they are changed as a result of the change in time. If there is no time to change (it’s not just time being made static, it is the very absence of the change in time) then you are unable to describe any other characteristic as as aspect or function of time. Or position. Or direction. Or gravitational pull. Or velocity. Or mass.

The picture was so clear to me, when I first thought about it. But I am tired now, and it is making less sense as I try to simplify it. It hurts my brain. It hurts my time. I am sure I have the answer but it is over there, where I cannot mentally reach it.

But I have it, I know I do. Just give me some time to think about it.

Come back here yesterday, and I’ll have it all massed out for you, in vectors of speed slowness degradation of thought process as a function of linear concepts….*erp*….fuuuuuuuck! What?

Must concentrate. Error in reading filename daveluis.exe please reboot conciousness all data will be lostnoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

(c) Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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