Happy Birthday

There have been a slew of birthdays in the last week, some of whom I have yet to wish, but the one whose birthday stands out more than all the others, including my mum’s, is YOURS, Cris, and it is bitter-sweet that the first time I am able to properly remember your birthday is after our friendship has ended. This is the first time since we met that I was fully aware of your approaching birthday.
Well, even if I had the inclination to call, you’ve changed your numbers, no doubt, as you did when you gave your wife the boot – but then – she never really DID get the message, eh? I did. Took a while, but I have so far honoured your wishes to never contact you again. 
Now that I have lost my phone (no, really, despite your balking) on Saturday, I’ve decided to change my number, too – because as strong as I’ve become, and as strong-willed as I can be (read: stubborn) there still remains that damned paradigm, hope. Whatever you may say, however you may shout, whatever sins we both committed and however much you may hate – or even, if you don’t ever think of me again – that blasted hope toils relentlessly. I hate hope and Pandora has much to answer for. 
And what if you were to call? Would I be strong enough to resist your charms, your Siren song? I can only pray, daily, that I am.But enough about me…
Here’s to you – what? 43 Years old today? Here’s to you, and your future – may it be a good one, and an honest one, and even, a happy one. You deserve it. You don’t deserve the solitude and loneliness you seemed to clamour for so unrelentingly the last few months we shared a drug-den masquerading as a house. I hope you’ve moved – it was too depressing, that home, and what we did to it. 
I wish you only the very best, I wish you everlasting peace and happiness and I wish you love, wherever you may find it, but most of all, I wish you release from the drugs, and rather, in their stead, I wish you all the beauty and craft and music that life has to offer. 
With many fond memories, for this moment, breaking free of the anger, and the sadness. 
(c) healing.me 2012. All Rights Reserved. 

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