Day #60 – Big Things!



Big things are happening, the healing is now a machine, and it’s working properly, it’s unstoppable, and it’s important to note the humility that it must be experienced with. And that at no point did I do this alone – there are thanks to so many, the list is long: Lynn, George, James, Joe, Roussel, Lara, Lize-Marie, Jeff, James, James, Alan, Clelland, Susan, Sarah, Gerrit, Chris, Alex, Nina, Kevan, Karen, Nicole, Kelly, Claudia, Helen, Jane, Lars, Gavin, Mo, Dom, Nanette, Frans, Nikita, Mas’ud, Micheal, Mike, Gill, Pearlene, Clinton, Sphiwe, Steffi, James, Lauren, Gabrielle, Danielle, Dylan, Robyn-Suzie, Sinead, Blake, Angie, Darren, Dustin, Lynne, James, Jacques, Dickon, Irene, Sonette, Susan, Jacques, Gustav, Eloise, Mary, Pete, Koreshini, Christopher, Matt, Matthew, David, Jan, Cofield, Sheldon, AJ, Gareth, Mariette, Allison, Chantelle, Jon, Hugs, Milani, Chris, Andrew, Mark, Casey, Katie, Zoe, – and so many more – this is not my story, this is OUR story!

Thank you, all!
(c) Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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