The Healing Story

It is Day #60, today, I have been clean from drugs and alcohol for sixty days, or 86,400 minutes. This is only a tiny portion of the over 9,460,000 minutes that I was an active drug taker. It has been 60 days since my last drink, since my last line of cocaine…
In the remarkably short space of time that has passed since my life – my former life – came to a grinding halt on 23 January 2012, I have moved from Johannesburg to Musina, to Paarl, and finally, to Stellenbosch. I have started telling my story, on the public stage of the internet, and confessed my sins. Through the grace of God, and the forgiveness of family and friends, and the support of an entire community, I have been graced with a resurrection of my career, the resurrection of my creative flow and for the first time, ever, I have found a reason to live, to want to live – and that is to tell my story, to everyone who will listen, who will learn.
Because my story is not much different to yours. I am not much different to you, and my upbringing was no different to yours, in any major way – this could really be YOUR story, and it IS the story of many similar folk, up to a point. There are still so many people wallowing in despair, sinking into addiction, losing hope, losing the fight, and losing their lives.
Dramatic? Yes. Because what caused the fall, and the fall from grace, was not dramatic at all, it was merely a series of poor choices, wrong decisions made and the inevitable cataclysm that came was huge.
But like the proverbial Phoenix, the new life that has arisen from the ashes of the old is phenomenal, and powerful, because of the sincerity, the humility and the honesty that have become my watchwords. Now it is time to give back, and to help others with my story.
Together with the Mxit crew, we’re putting together a documentary, going back 18 years and then some, leaving no stone unturned, no sacred cows allowed, no nerves too sensitive to touch as I reveal my history in all its horrific normality, in an effort to help anyone who has been touched by the pain of addiction, and who can see that the first step lies within themselves, and are ready to take it…
(c) 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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