…would be a great thing now, and this post will probably be one of the least eloquent I write.

Beyond the fix, is the continued ascent to a more healthy me, and a more healthy lifestyle. Part of that fix is to correct my seriously out of wack sleep patterns. They’re not as bad as they used to be, I actually slept through the other night (the learning process has taken me back to infantile stages, yes, drugs are that bad, have that much impact on your life) which is a nice change from when I was inhuming crystal meth in such quantities I hoped there’d be no tomorrow.

But the tomorrow came, and it took a lot more meth to keep me going. Now of course, there are no uppers beyond caffeine and sugar to keep me going (I have yet to make the switch to apples and fruit) and so these late nights at the office are going to have to be curved. It’s 06:32am and I am at the office, have been all night…

You won’t read more like this, in the future.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hello…. I am still hear. Watching read, processing, supporting. Quietly. I am getting closer to being ready to see you, to give you a real hug. I am looking forward to it.You need to try yoga. Seriously. It for all shapes, sizes, ages, abiliites, it's about YOU and what you can do, and I promise after a yoga cass you'll have the best night's sleep ever. It is J

  2. I don't think my body bends in that way, anymore! heheheh but will take it under serious consideration, not only because you do it, and everything you do is cool, jane-i-pooh, but because it is a new activity, and a new, goodly and pleasing habit! can't wait to see you, in time!

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