Po Pia Chocolate – Simply Asia

Po Pia Chocolate
“Crispy chocolate-filled spring rolls drizzled with rich chocolate sauce and served with ice cream”
I have long been extolling the virtues of oil. For all things. Food and sex are just so much more engaging, so much more tantalizing and tactile and desirable, if only you add a little oil.
Pastry is another fetish of mine (I have so many…) and chocolate is something I long eschewed in mind, though not in practice, as something other people drooled over. I have reviewed my thoughts on chocolate, subconciously, though with increased consciousness of late, because of dishes like this one.
Oil, chocolate and ice-cream, with pastry, in one dish.
It’s like having deep, and personal sex, with your mouth. Repeatedly. Making love, orally: if you have no taste for it, you’re probably dead, and should be reading something else, as well as trying to minimise your effect and aspect on the real world, and the living.
But for those of us still alive, and vital, this is a dish to die for. Try it.
© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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