White Hot Chocolate – Mila’s Cake Shop

White Hot Chocolate
Needs no description, it is what it is.
Another reason I have been re-evaluating my chocolate thoughts, is this decadent creation. First seduction was a few years back, in Benmore, but this latest incarnation is droolicious in the extreme, and brilliantly priced.
You’d expect to pay more for hot choclate that has actual chocolate melted into it, so this one is a pleasantly surprsing R20 (at the time of writing, of course – if you’re reading this years later, things may have changed somewhat) which makes it all the more appealing, especially considering I am used to a 40% premium, from the days when I first discovered this evil little concoction.
Mila’s is a dream – a very, very wet and sugary dream, and you have to actually go out into the world to find unhappiness in large enough quantities to justify repeated trips. Or, like me, simply fix feelings in advance. I now can have at least forty-seven unhappy days, that will all go by unheeded, because I have been stalking the food and the white hot chocolate especially, at Mila’s.
The food is fresh, and freshly made, and Mila’s is small, with little space to move inside, so expect to wait a while for your dish, when you go, because they’re also HUGELY popular, and deservedly so.
If food is your porn, your péché nutritionnel, then this one is worth selling your soul to the Devil Cake for.  
© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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