Home-Made Butternut Soup & Bread

Home-Made Butternut Soup & Bread
Home-made butternut, Blue Cheese, Camembert and sweet chilli Soup, with home-made bacon and cheese bread, for dipping, served with plum juice.

Every now and then I am forced to admit that I love my own cooking, and risk the hairy palms of old wives tales, in the enjoyment I take in the courses prepared by me. So be it, then, because on a rainy Paarl day when I have been under the weather, health-wise and climatologically as well, though not in spirit, I have cooked up something dreamy, to heat the cockles of every heart that remembers a mother’s love, and the kitchen where it lived.

Butternut soup sounds so dreadfully healthy and as a child I’d wot not of things of its ilk. That’s changed, thanks to time spent in England, with Melanie, who taught me the soup part of this recipe, which I have tweaked. It’s a simple mix of butternut and sweet potato chunks – I’ve removed the wine because I’m now one of those dreadfully boring folk who don’t drink, and adding alcohol to food is apparently sinful, so I’ll keep the slate clean.

Add to the boiling mix a 100g round of Camembert cheese, 10g of Blue Cheese, some pepper, nutmeg and ginger to taste and then curl some sweet chilli in the serving bowl, for rich, warm soup that bites back, now and then.

The bread is even simpler – use dough prepped a few days prior (and make sure you’ve added lots of milk to that dough mix, for a rich, and slightly sour dough mix) and then roll into the dough crisped bacon bits. Bake until the drool sets into both corners of your mouth, slap thick slices of cheddar on top, melt until runny and just starting to brown, and serve hot.

I rounded it off with a glass of plum juice, because I could.

Two words describe this meal: fucking epic – and pooh! to all those who cannot appreciate a great expletive by way of adjective!

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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