Steers Burger and Hero Roll, and yes, I’d like fries with that…

Hero Steak Roll, Rave Cheese Burger and Hand Made Fries
Steak roll, with avocado, mustard and cheese, beef burger with cheese, and hand-made fried potato chips.
There’s a reason that fast-food shops are ubiquitous, despite the global whinge about obesity and death. It’s quite simply this: there is comfort to be had in fried food, and warmth to be enjoyed, in salty fries. It’s not only McDonald’s that puts out, when it comes to happy meals!
Steers got themselves into a media storm  recently, offering a burger at R10, and promptly selling out. You can argue yourself silly on the validity of the statement that no press is bad press, and while you do that, I’ll be over here, in this corner, munching my Steers meals.
I’ve got a hole to fill, especially on a cold night, after a long train trip, so last night I treated myself to one of the seven deadly sins, and ordered two Hero rolls, with mustard, avo and extra cheese. And to top those off, I added two Rave Cheese Burgers, with extra-large, hand-made fries.
My arteries clogged in applause! Steers has found out the secret to my happiness, and that is with a flame-grilled steak, topped by a flame-grilled burger. Oomph! The hand-made chips are just extra, and bonus, and large, and I love ’em!
I’ll even forgive them for running out of the footlong rolls for the Hereo rolls.
©Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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