A Million Different Hands

One thing that suddenly strikes me in a conversation with my sister is that there isn’t just one person to carry you when you need to be healed, there are a million different hands, that lift you up, to shoulder your burden.

I need help because the burden is too heavy for me to carry alone, and it is too much to expect that just one person will stand up and carry my load with me or for me – they also have their own lives, their own loads, their own journeys.

I used to get upset when on one day it seemed you cared, and wanted to reach out and help, but the next day, you went back to your own life, seemingly untouched by the interlude with my life – but now I understand, you were called on, to give, what you could, when I need you to.

So the universe throws up a million different hands from the million different lives you touch with your journey, each one brought at just the right time, with just the right amount of love, and compassion and healing and help and care, to keep you going, to step up to the next level, out of the pit, out of your own particular well of need, and into the light of a new, and better, and more meaningful life.

You alone cannot help me, when I cannot help myself, but maybe together, all in turn, we can put enough together, as a team, to help change the momentum, and the course, of my story as it needs to be, so that when time comes and you’re in need, my hand can be there to hold you up, in turn.

THIS is survival, THIS is community – THIS is life, healed!

(c) healing.me 2012. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This is beautiful beyond words.

    I’l say it here now, 2 years later. People also come in your life and watch you grow. Watch you progress and overcome. They become aware of your strength – sometimes strength that you don’t realize you had or own strength you thought was shared. So they let you go, they allow you to discover your own strength, your ability to heal yourself and grow from the disappointment even.

    People never really leave, they just become less involved as you become more strong! ❤

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