Reporting LIVE from #GrimFurdango.

Friday, July 27, 2012. I am sitting in an old building, in the heart of one of the oldest towns in South Africa, and I am watching the birth of the future. All round me musicians and fans mingle with techies and students. The hills of Stellenbosch are alive with the sound of more than just music!

Stellenbosch touts itself at the World’s Most Inspiring and Innovative Town, and tonight, that rings true as technology puts on a show in preview to a grander, simpler way to live – Mxit and TrustFabric’s GUST mobile payment technology is being tested at a live music gig and I’m here to tell the story.

The technology bits I won’t bore you with save to say using your mobile phone and a simple rubber bracelet, you are able to pay for goods and services, like tickets to a concert, and the drinks at the bar (I’ve jus collected my second Red Bull by swiping a blue rubber bracelet over an iPad – simple, fast, tech-know-logic!) – like a meal in a restaurant or groceries or hotel accommodation – in fact, wherever you make a payment, there’s a place for GUST to make it simple.

But that’s enough about work – it’s time to play, and I’m here to catch Mr. Cat and the Jackal, a popular local band that I’d never have had the chance to see, were it not for the amazing tech that takes the headache out of booking and attending these events.

The Future? She’s here, and she brought us a Present!

(c) Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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