Day #109 – MxitUp!

Mxit Thursday is a weekly celebration, a weekly collaboration, a weekly networking. It’s fun, and it’s great the company does this for it’s employees. The challenge for me is not to not take a drink, but to allow others to have fun, despite becoming drunk, and with that, to not become annoyed with the obvious unattractive parts of their personality that come out. Three times it happened this night that I snapped at people, because I was tired, which made me less tolerant of the bs-factor, while they were not sober and they were less able to hold back when  they should have. being a dick is not a freedom that being honest allows for. Being a dick just means you’re a dick, and no better, and I am pissed off at myself that your being a dick makes me snap at you, when really, I should just ignore you, and give you the attention you deserve.
But enough of that, pictured here are two lovely friends of mine, Daisy Knowles and Steffi Gomm. They rule, in very large amounts.
(c) Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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