Day #117 – TEDxCELLENCE!

Attending TEDxStellenbosch, courtesy of Gerrit Scholtz (pictured left)


A week ago, I was introduced to TEDtalks, by Sarah Rice, Mxit’s new Head of Communciations. She showed me a clip that she said would change my life. She was not wrong, it changed my perspective on vulnerability forever. More about that, here, but onwards – a new colleague, Mariska Du Preez, sent me details of TEDxStellenbosch, where Mxit CEO Alan Knott-Craig would be speaking. I had to get tickets…and so, enter one Gerrit Scholtz, fellow colleague and former Boys High boy, and therefore a genuinely good oke – he had a spare ticket.

In moments like these I revel in the Universe’s connections, networking my life for me – three instances coming together so neatly with me coming to be a TED-lover, my life has been missing this, and just one week after having been introduced to this amazing and inspirational catalogue of talks by inspirational people, I get to attend one, live and in the flesh.

Serendipity, or fate?

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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