Old Dogs, New Tricks.

My admittedly second-hand Android just taught me a new skill and I have moved forward, evolved, progressed…and on top of that, this damned thing is also psychic.

I’ve just learned how to Swype, which is not a teen’s way of bragging about shoplifting, it’s a (relatively) new way to enter text on your mobile phone.

I say relatively, because who knows how long this technology has been around, I have only just discovered it now, and I’m rather chuffed that it was so simple to learn!

But on top of that I reckon this handset is also psychic because I’ve only just learned this skill and am quite certain that given my track-record with technology I am less than a natural, and most probably quite inaccurate with the actual swiping over the keys, yet time after time, word after word the phone gets what I want to type…or Swype!

This thing of simple, user-friendly technology, I think I like it, I like it a lot.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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