Working Lunch

Mxit Brand Ambassador Sphiwe T. and I are enjoying a working lunch. That used to be code for shirking the workload and getting tipsy on work time. Now it has a far more productive reality, without getting too saintly about it…

Using a plethora of devices on hand, from an Android handset, to a BlackBerry to an Asus tablet and a MacBook Air all connected to the Stellenbosch Free Wi-Fi service, we’re updating the world about the status quo in the country otherwise known as Mxit.

Telecommuting is nothing new, but in days gone by it meant a powerful connection point and an expensive data bundle and usually an executive role. No longer. We’re just two ordinary blokes, colleagues, who wanted lunch and a change of scenery from the office and simple devices and Stellenbosch’s drive to connect its citizens to the world-wide web mean that we’re productive, inspired and able to share these messages direct from the lunch table.

Sphiwe T. and I enjoying a REAL working lunch. These are the joys of Stellenbosch!

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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