Day #121 – That Person

The person your mother warned you about – that is a role I played for many years, and again, this Tuesday, when celebrating our CEO’s birthday at Gino’s.
I plyed Mike with 13 tequilas. He took them like a man, before staggering home – which is in walking distance – under the watchful eye of some friends.
Difference between me then, and me now? I’d have driven him home, now, to make sure he got home safely. Back then, I’d have either left him, or taken him to my home, and further cemented my reputation as ‘one of those kids’ that our parents warned us about. Warned you about.
My mum never wanted to believe that I was one of those.
I’m not, anymore. Or, more truthfully, I am less frequently that person. This evening was not such a good example of that.
© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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