Day #125 – My Birthday Gift To You…


Dear Brother George!

It is the anniversary of the day you were born – so what DO you get a man who has a loving wife, a gaggle of brilliant and adoring kids, a good job, two dogs, nine cats, a tortoise and a rabid cycling habit?

Quite easy that – I give you my life, because more than anyone else, when it came down to the wire, you stepped in and saved me from death, even when I tried to take my own life.

  • You gave me a roof over my head, when I was thrown out into the street;
  • You gave me food, so I could eat;
  • You gave me clothes to wear, when I had none;
  • You gave me counsel, when my heart ruled my head, and it hurt so bad I wanted to die;
  • You gave me friendship, when I felt alone in a world that seemed not to care – and you showed me the world DID care;
  • You gave me security, when I was unstable;
  • You gave me brotherhood, when I had shunned you;
  • You gave me love, when I had cursed you;
  • You gave me a future, when I had destoyed my past.

I can never repay these, except by living clean, and living honestly – and LIVING!

I owe you everything, I am here today because you gave me a way out when the old Dave died, and the new one needed to be shown the way.

I love you, and I am so grateful for your help, and humbled by it. I make this journey of healing in honour of you.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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