Seconds to Infinity

Crystalline dreams/Meth-Head in my madness – screen-shot from the film of my healing journey, shot on location in Hell back in the old days when I was still a meth user. Today marks 125 days clean, but last night I had the most vivid dreams of smoking meth again. I wrote this poem to remind me of the insane and perverse creature I became, and to celebrate my return to humanity…

of the clock in the hall
Hear the familiar call
That once I was sick
That once I did fall
All I need is a hit
to stop me climbing the wall
I don’t need this shit
Don’t want it, at all…
Old ways no longer fit
curled up in a ball –
Fixes aren’t quick,
time drags, slows to a stall.
Make the healing stick,
slow time to a crawl:
seconds to infinity
rise up – never fall!

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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