Day #129 – It All Comes Together


Another NA meeting tonight, and a deep, personal share (aren’t they all?) by one of the members. She touched everyone in that room. Makes you feel kind of special, to be in a room where someone’s tale of their own life invites visceral, painful testimony from male and female, young and old, of mixed races, creeds and religions. Makes you cringe at how you thought your own ‘stuff’ was so bad, that life had treated you so badly. It serves as a good reminder that I was a selfish, arrogant, melodramatic fool.

At no point will I ever be able to justify going back to drugs. A return to drugs is weaknes, selfish, arrogant, foolish, stupid weakness. But don’t underestimate the pull of the drug…never let your guard down!

(c) Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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