Day #139 – TanGent

It may be Spring Day, but it’s BLOODY cold, standing barefoot on the sand, in Strand. Take the picture, already!


It’s Spring Day. Chilly, but a beautiful sunset guides me to the beach, for a new photo for today. I make my mark in the sand, and stare down at the numbers. The gravity of what I have done – these 139 days of no drugs, after 18 years of being high on a cornucopia of everything and more – completely bypasses me as I stare at my snow-white feet and think “You need a tan.”

There are two ways to look at that statement: firstly – typical of me to miss the important thing and see only the trivial. Secondly – how light of spirit, to not get bogged down by the heaviness of the moment, and to take child-like (if not childish!) joy in the setting.

It’s all about perspective, and THAT is only going to work when I get to a point where I marry the two thoughts together: FUCK ME, I’ve done 139 days clean – no drugs – that’s bloody good stuff! Well done, me! And yes, I need a tan.

Life? I’m living it!

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved. 

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