Day #140 – Clarity


“It’s 140 days today – celebrate!” – a message I sent out this morning, went along those lines.
“Great. See you at N.A. at 13:00!” came the response.

Meetings on a Sunday? Let’s do this thing. Today’s meeting really touched my soul in all the right ways – this is what I have been looking for, some clarity and perspective – humility.

Then I went for a walk on the beach, because spring is here and the sun is out. Families, surfers, kids, dogs – people everywhere – all living their lives – all unaffected by who I am and what I did. So then, to refresh on a quote I read online this morning – let this journey not be a dishonour roll about my history, let it be a celebration of my future.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved. 

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