Day #153 – Re:Connecting

Callia Doucas and I at Cubana, Stellenbosch. A former colleague, and continuing friend…ah sweet mercies!


Sitting at the office, blogging, doing, being safe, keeping busy – the phone rings and I miss the call because the phone is on silent and I have my earphones plugged in, anyway, as I blast the little voices away with deep house (it’s good stuff, this music!) I call back, the call goes unanswered. But Callia calls me back – she’s here, in Stellenbosch, for a few brief minutes – can we meet? Of course we can!

Even though it’s too short a visit, even though there is much to share, and I want to see pics of her tots, and show her pics of my reclaimed life, and there;s no time to do it – even though we have much left unsaid, what does go unsaid, and not needing to be said, is the continuity of compassion and friendship.

There are few things more humbling, than a friend from the past who reaches out into the present, without judgement.

Thank you, for today.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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