Day #168 – The End of the World (has been postponed)

Sunday evening with Calvin, his friend and Nikita’s family. Blissful. The world did NOT end because I missed my flight…


I have always had an incredible fear of missing a plane. so much so that I have been known to get to the airport as early as 8 hours before a flight.

Today, I missed my flight back to Cape Town, stranding me in Johannesburg for an extra night. I was very angry with myself for this – it shouldn’t have happened, and I became quite anxious, and miserable. I went to lie down, and remove myself from any human contact as I tried to quell the panic.

Eventually, I got over myself, and having been assured of a flight back the next day, thanks to my amazing boss-lady-friend, Sarah, I managed to actually slow down and breathe. Nikita and her uncles and their families threw an impromptu braai. Calvin sang, and so did Richard. It was an amazing night under the stars, doing normal things, with normal people. Though I have been off drugs and living clean for nearly 6 months, these kinds of happenings are still so far off my radar, they are quite alien to me, but all the more enjoyable now, for that.

Just think…to be normal…

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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