Image © Dave Luis 2007 –  ‘Tears in Winter’
Sometimes life throws you lemons, and you add tequila, and life is a party. And sometimes, life throws you curve balls, and if you twist, you can hit that damned ball right out the park. And sometimes – just sometimes – life throws you a punch, and you don’t have to roll with it: you grab that punch, turn, and use its force to drive on up to heights unimagined before. And in these times you see these punches as gifts, and cherish life even more. 
This has been a very hard week, for a lot of people close to me, who inspire me, who guide and support me, and beyond that, for a lot of people who work with me, and who have worked with me – the Universe has conspired to bring about changes that are big, and which mean big things, and…well…I am talking in a way that I don’t reveal what the actual events are, because its too soon, to talk about the people involved, who are nurturing and seeking comfort and guidance and serenity within themselves, right now. 
There are two such souls, in my life, this week, that’s all you need to know. 
A colleague and I have just gone for a drink – never fear, mine was an Appletizer – to connect, on the events of the week and we had less than an hour to chat, but in that hour, lifetimes were revealed, souls laid bare and out of this arose a profound compassion and connection: synchronicity, she called it. A great man once told me “It’s all about the people – you have to go back to find the shared experience.” I am crying, on the inside, as I write this, because what he gave me, with those words, was a key, to unlock all the people around me, and to connect with their humanity, to see into my own soul, reflected in theirs.
As we talked we discovered that despite not really knowing each other, and coming from two distinctly different lives on so many levels, our essence – soul – spirit – self – whatever you want to call it, deep within our beings, incarnate, have shared revelations, thoughts, principles, values, emotive drives, loneliness, solitude, life and love in the way that they have played out in our lives. We have walked two very different paths, and we are two very different people, but there is a point of connection. It is a lifetime away, and right here, in this moment, at the same time. The same point, in two people. 
These are very powerful thoughts. These are very powerful moments. Thanks to that great man, and also the big man Himself, who have helped me walk this journey back to life, I was able to see it, IN the moment, AT the very moment it was happening. 
And then she had to leave…and we walked down to her car so she could dash to the airport, in the most unseasonable weather, which as I write, is filling Stellenbosch with the desperate tears so many of us want to cry, after our world changed yesterday. As she walked to her car, she spoke more about synchronicity. 
She stopped, turned, and asked:
Do you know Lamb?
I went cold. Of course I know Lamb. Lamb sings the song….but … she couldn’t possibly…how???
You heard of Lamb?” she asked again. I smiled.
If I should die, at this very moment…” I quoted the opening words. She stopped, silent, and stepped back. 
Gorecki. Nobody knows Gorecki!” 
Synchronicity. At play. Right people, right time, right frame of mind. Gorecki is the most powerful song of solitude and connectivity, and it rips are your heartstrings, as it soothes your soul and echoes in your mind. If you’ve read this blog, start to finish, you’ll know the lyrics have appeared in an earlier post, after a time I spent separating my soul from the addiction, and the dependency. It is an achingly beautiful song, and when you hear it, you will know it was written just for you.
“Gabriel. Listen to Gabriel, by Lamb.” were among her parting words – I heard very little else, as the moment was distilling into pure awareness of a soul connection being forged in the dirges of our lifesongs: in this very moment, the great man’s words had opened my eyes and ears and brought to me this powerful soul, to share this moment, so that we both could know that life, and this story, continues. It grows. It becomes us. We live it, as we tell it, and we speak it so that it will be…true, and open, and shared. 
Here are the lyrics, to Gabriel, by Lamb. You should listen to it, and draw in the sentiment of raw emotion and know that it is an expression of yourself – because in that moment, you will connect with me, and with Lamb, and with this new connection: this becomes OUR story, in this moment: 
I can fly
But I want his wings
I can shine even in the darkness
But I crave the light that he brings
Revel in the songs that he sings
My angel Gabriel

I can love
But I need his heart
I am strong even on my own
But from him I never want to part
He’s been there since the very start
My angel Gabriel
My angel Gabriel

Bless the day he came to be
Angel’s wings carried him to me
I can fly
But I want his wings
I can shine even in the darkness
But I crave the light that he brings
Revel in the songs that he sings
My angel Gabriel
My angel Gabriel
My angel Gabriel

© 2012. All Rights Reserved. 


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