Day #196 – The Male Appreciation Society


One of the side effects of drug addiction, and meth in particular, is a negative impact on the libido.

At 196 days without drugs or alcohol, it’s good to know mine’s back. Though, to be fair, my carnal urges weren’t all that swayed by the volumes of chemicals I pumped into my system, they were just skewed and flavoured with the damage of the drugs to my psyche.

I was always quite capable of becoming hungry for the touch of another human body. Now, of course, that hunger has transmuted into an insatiable drive that is…pleasing, and adventurous, and quite welcome, and very normal. 

A day out in Cape Town ends off with a visit to see Gareth at the new Back Up Bar, in Cobern Street, where the barman is naked. He’s clothed for this snap, to guard your sensitivities, but completely naked while he serves and while the other patrons do body shots off his tight, young frame.

Respectfully, I made eye contact every time we spoke, and he made a point of thanking myself and Ryan for doing so. I did, of course, tell him that I was going to objectify him completely as he served, though…

We laugh and smile and joke about these things, but I am quite comfortable revealing these things here, because they are done on a human level and the interaction between us (you reading this, and me, talking to the naked barman) is from a foundation of honesty, and not at anyone’s expense. THIS is how my life now is healing, and healed, from the years spent on drugs, manipulating and using and living selfishly, negating the person inside the body.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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