Day #200 – A Beautiful Moment – An Epiphany.

A refraction of the afternoon sun. Serendipity and beautiful epiphany.


I have been super-busy all day, getting things ready so I can go on leave for 10 days. So much so, I didn’t even realise it was my 200th clean day.

200 days without drugs or alcohol.

200 days into rebuilding my new life.

200 days where I have discovered that I am surrounded by the most amazing people, who make this most amazing journey even MORE so!

I am not done! Watch this space – because the most beautiful epiphany I had was that my posts are becoming more and more positive – there are much wider gaps between the posts where I feel darkness and despair. These are the good days. These are the days of living, and the days of my life.

Sometimes I get sickened by how ‘in the moment’ these posts are, and how deep and emo they are. Pathetic, I know it.

More pragmatism should be spoken about, as I wind my way up the clean living calendar.

So I am setting off to see the gents of Pretoria Boys High School, for my 20th School Reunion, something I never thought I’d live to see because I was going to go out in a blaze of inglorious chemicals and dribbly vomit. Now, of course, that’s all changed. I feel ALIVE and HUMAN and POWERFUL and not for a damn am I giving up any of this yet!

These are the good days.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved. 


  1. The seven stages of mourning come to mind, and not always is mourning a sad experience as is the case here. There is no order to these stages and so it's denial, anger, remorse, acceptance or the upward turn and it's important to go through them all your writing has definitely taken on these stages and yes it's gotten 'lighter' with less dark and deep emo tones. So here's to your continued journey as you slowly but surely creep to the 365 day mark. Not long now Dave, keep in there and with awesome friends this journey only gets easier as more stand on the roadsider cheering for you!

  2. Thank you squire! The journey has no meaning without friends and family and their support. It has no meaning if there is no darkness and uncertainty to overcome. Thanks for being part of that awesome journey and being one of those awesome friends!

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