Day #204 – Sand Underfoot


I am amazed at how often a thought translates into reality. Last week I spoke of how my postings were becoming more and more positive with fewer dark, despairing posts. The last three have been less full of sunshine, on the face of it. But if you read – I mean REALLY read – what I wrote you will see the positivity that lies beneath, peeking out.

I spent some time today, on the beach, thinking about all the GOOD things I can celebrate and feel grateful for. Family. Friends. A job. No, wait – a career. A working mind. A healthy body. MY Higher Power, watching over me.

…and the power to make the universe materialise things from pure thought. But to use this power for GOOD – that is my challenge. Because in the days before these clean days, I could always materialise drugs, or the money for them. I have always had this amazing superpower, I just used it selfishly.

Walking on the beach, the sand crunching under my soles and between my toes, I am going to engage more, like the sand engages my senses as it scrubs my soles. I am going to think less about doing, and do more, while thinking.

Nice words. Cris always said I had a way with them.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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