Day #207 – The Trouble With Movember

“…for breakfast, I’d like some porn flakes, please….”


Movember is a special month. You must be blind and deaf and totally bereft of the internet to see the facial topiary being sported by men, globally. The aim is to drive awareness for prostrate cancer, and to raise funds for research into prevention and cure. I have lost one uncle to prostrate cancer, and another is in his final weeks with the same blight. It is not a dignified end.

It is all the more poignant and painful because in the final days of my crazed addiction,  I thought I had cancer, and when it turned out I didn’t, I never told anyone…I chose to live the lie, so that when I committed suicide later, as I intended to do, there would be pity, and not the anger usually reserved for suicides.

We all know I didn’t have what it takes to end it all, though I did try.

Part of my reclaiming my life is to confess my sins, and to tell the story, and to share in these campaigns that raise awareness for the people who really do have cancer.

But Movember isn’t just all about deep thought and confession, for me. It’s also about learning how to drink a good coffee through the walrus-like sprout below my schnoz, and to NOT look like a total porn star in a the throes of a money shot while doing so.


© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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