Day #208 – Retro Cool.

“…nommer, asseblief!”


A moment of fun – my new Skype phone arrived and immediately got a tour of the office, using my iPad’s Facetime app.

A year ago, I was busy selling everything I could to get another hit. I still have very few material possessions, a year later. But that’s good. The things I do have, I have worked hard for, and are rewards and proof of my recovery. I don’t want gifts or hand-outs, I will work for what I have and what I need.

That’s not to say I will deny myself indulgences, but it does mean that when I do indulge myself with little gifts, they are not extravagant, nor are they wasted or unappreciated.

I have also learned that sometimes an indulgence is as simple as a few minutes of fun, taking a photo at the office.

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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