Day #209 – Girls’ Night In

“…oh I don’t mind curlers. Where did you want to put them, dear?…”


One of the many delights of being who I am, is that occasionally I get invited to something most other guys don’t…a girls’ night in. Now, while I was promised facepacks and pedicures, all of which left me a little scared, and a lot excited, and which didn’t actually materialise, thankfully, I did get to spend the evening with three great ladies. Sharing thoughts. Sharing food. Sharing non-alcoholic bubbly. And then, off to the lounge, to watch Disney movies and talk about our favourite Disney crushes.

Nikita, who organises these things, is queen of the party. Mandy, the one in a stable relationship. Laura is the intellect and wild child. And I am just plain Dave.

And I love it!

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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