Day #210 – Observe and Engage!

Dino and I, a few hours before Freshly Ground touched my soul…what an epic day!


I am seconded to give presence for the Mxit brand at the Cape Town World Music Festival. Normally we’d be at least two from the Mxit family at these events, but today, it is just me. No matter, I find the place, I meet the organiser. I wander around and listen to some of the awesome music on offer – there really are some beautifully creative people out there. It give me pleasure to watch…

…and then it strikes me…often on these jaunts, when I am alone, I am merely observer. I don’t actually take part. I sit and I watch and I write my thoughts on what is happening and how it would be if I were included in the life that is happening right in front of me. This is a bigger conversation for that other blog, because it speaks to my childhood fear of missing out, of being ignored, of not being front and centre and in the spotlight.

I have not quelled those fears yet. These thoughts strike the need to write a long, profound blog on the matter, but as I start, I find it is too close to the bone to write about just yet. I start to write about work, instead.

Later, as I am walking around, I find a friend, Dino, who is a musical genius. True story. And he loves playing with words, which is one of the finest things about the man. Together we wander around – Dino seems to know everyone, and so, with Dino to ease the introductions,  I am suddenly no longer observer, held hostage by my own shyness (yes, really) and I am invited to engage and engage I do. We talk, we sing, we dance, we love living and being alive and boy, do we love the music.

I am determined to experience Freshly Ground right up close and personal, so I make sure I am front and centre at that stage, when they come on. Wow. Blown away. I’ve loved their music for as long as I can remember – turns out that is 11 years. But I didn’t know how much music they’d actually produced, and how diverse their talents were. Seeing them live, right there, just beyond arm’s reach, drinking in the insane energy on that stage, and flying on their rhythms, is a magical moment. And then, that second-to-last songs plays and I am reduced to tears because YES, YES Goddamit they know, they know…how? It’s like they know EXACTLY how I feel about Cris, and life, and how sometimes, you just want to be part of the living, without the fighting inside yourself. You just want to be part of the sharing thing called life.

Sometimes, you just want to be…

Thank you, Dino. Thank you, Freshly Ground. I feel…alive!

© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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